Plant Something Good Every Day

Plant Something Good Every Day

Plant Something Good Every DayPlant Something Good Every DayPlant Something Good Every Day

Conveniently  offering the best selection of healthy, beautiful plants for your home with Texoma's only garden truck!

Where's the Truck?

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What's on the Truck?

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Who are we?


Reliable Experience

Reliable Experience

Reliable Experience

Since 2007 we have served the Texoma area as a independent garden center, specializing in products and plants that make gardeners successful.  In June of 2018, the opportunity to sell the nursery property came about.  Not wishing to leave doing what we love, we sold the property, moved the greenhouses to the farm and bought a truck!  Using the popular food truck model, we travel and set up at various high traffic locations, garden shows and club meetings, bringing the nursery closer to you!


We Truly Care

Reliable Experience

Reliable Experience

 We love plants and gardening!  Gardening in Texoma can be a challenge.  We strive to select plants that work best here, from grandma's favorites to unique newer introductions.  But it is not just about the plants!  There is tools, soil amendments, bugs, weeds and weather to consider.  We want to help you in this as well!


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PO Box 805, Howe, TX 75459, US

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